About Us


What if getting dressed was (gasp!) easy?

How Do You Fashion started as a simple idea: to help women get dressed. Unfortunately, the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" morning moment doesn't discriminate—no matter your size, budget, or style, it's something that plagues us all. But imagine for a sec you open your closet at 6:30am and aren't faced with a flood of panic? Imagine being able to grab a top, bottoms, and a pair of shoes that all actually go together within the span of minutes? That's the world we want to live in. Don't you?

Founded by Cris Pearlstein in 2016, How Do You Fashion was years in the making. Cris channeled her journalism degree into a career in fashion and spent 10 years on the masthead of the legendary institution, REDBOOK magazine. There she managed the fashion department, attended NYFW, and styled everyone from celebs to models to real women. During that time she encountered countless women who were frustrated by how difficult it was for them to follow trends, shop on a budget, and get dressed in outfits that made them feel great. So many had the same concerns and she knew she had to do something. After leaving REDBOOK and moving to Scottsdale, AZ with her husband and mini doxie, Enzo, she launched what she hopes to be the unfashion-y fashion destination for all of your real-life style needs.