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Style Voices: Netalie Abrams

Style Voices: Netalie Abrams

Netalie has that whole "mom style" thing down. She lives in casual classics like jeans and sneaks, but somehow makes it look cool and laid-back, not sloppy. Read on to learn what this New Yorker wears every single day, and where she shops for herself and her daughter. Disclaimer: By the end of this interview you might find yourself online shopping for sneakers even if you never wear them. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Name? Netalie Abrams

Age? 32

Married? Kids? Pets? My husband Ariel and I have a baby girl Ayden Ellie who is turning 3 years old in July.

Where do you work and what do you do? I work at a lingerie manufacturing comany. We produce private label programs for large contemporary retailers in the US and around the world. One of the largest we work with is Urban Outfitters. I've been with the company since 2010 and as of 2015 I have taken on the role of VP of Product Development & Merchandising. Today the majority of my efforts lie in the use of new and innovative technology to create supportive, non-underwire bras and bralettes. As a working mom who runs from one activity to the next, comfort is of the utmost importance. My design focus is on bras that transcend what women have thought of in the past as "fashionable everyday bras". The majority of our styles can easily be worn from the office to Pilate's class, and goes without saying, to any kid-friendly activity.

Do you have a side hustle? Yes! I created Thread Head Baby after my daughter was born. When the dark hair she was born with started to fall out, I wanted something cute to cover the bald spot at the crown of her head (we secretly called her Golem for the likeness she shared to the character from Lord of the Rings!). So I started buying specialty fabrics to give my seamstress and we started sporting baby turbans all day long. Once word got around in my circle I started getting requests from friends, and friends of friends, asking if they can order some headbands from me. It's definitely more of a passion project, though. With a full-time job it's hard to keep up with updated prints and stock, but hopefully down the road I can turn it into something more permanent. I would love to spend my time developing cool clothes and accessories for kids and babies!

Do you have a work-week "uniform"? My go-to will always be a good pair of skinny jeans (I'm currently obsessed with McGuire), a casual tee, and any of our seamless bralettes. I also live for sneakers, limited edition high-tops, Nike Free's, Supra's—I'm obsessed with sneakers! I think we get away with a much more causal approach to the workplace today which was inspired by the revolution of Internet influencers and bloggers.

When you wake up on a Saturday morning and start your day, what are you typically wearing? In NYC that would depend on the time of year, but these days it's mostly ripped jeans or shorts with a tank and flat sandals.

What fashion discovery changed your getting-dressed routine? After breastfeeding it became hard for me to find bras that were super comfy but that also gave me the much needed support up top (sad reality lol). Juggling work, play dates, home life, and fitness, it wasn't easy to find bras whose function fit my needs. I don't think I could live without the seamless crossover bralette styles we produce. It allows me to layer in any type of low-cut or cut-out top without being too exposed. I have a real affinity for open back tops and whenever I wear them I get stopped by women asking me where my bra is from and if they can buy it from me. I literally wear them every single day.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Hands down Zara. I usually only splurge on denim and shoes and so for everyday fashion for both myself and Ayden, it's Zara. The last thing I bought for myself was a white silky bomber jacket—it's great for summer evenings. Ayden got a pair of hot pink adjustable buckle sandals. Think light-weight Birkenstocks for kids!

Where do you get your style inspiration? Everywhere. I've been obsessed with fashion since I was 8 years old and waited all week just to get a peek at CNN's Sunday 9:30 segment on the runways in Europe. At 12 I had my friends come over to help me cut runway snippets to collage my walls in the name of "art". I draw inspiration from cars to friends to my favorite models or actors of the moment. Also, the people watching in New York City is enough to give me inspiration for a lifetime!

What's the best style advice you've ever been given? My mom always said that no amount of couture or high fashion can give you what confidence can. It doesn't matter what you wear and how skinny you are, if you think you look good so will the person looking at you. Confidence shines the brightest because it comes from the deepest of places. Not that I have mastered this art of's a work in progress!

What is your signature look? Skinny jeans and sneakers!

We all know beauty goes hand in hand with fashion...what is the product you cannot live without? Definitely my Peter Thomas Roth "Clinical Peel & Reveal Dermal Resurfacer" and Gernetic "Synchro" face cream. If you've ever had that feeling that your skin looks tired, you look tired, even your clothes look tired, then I recommend a nice firm scrub and a thin layer of cream. It takes two minutes and you walk away with a slight glow to your face which is always nice.

Want more from Netalie? Follow her on Instagram at @netalie16 —  you can find Thread Head Baby on Facebook here and Instagram here.


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