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Style Voices: Pandora Amoratis

Style Voices: Pandora Amoratis

Ever look at someone and just know instantly they are operating on a different style level than everyone else? That's how most people feel when Pandora Amoratis walks into a room. This week's Style Voices #girlcrush usually floats in like a vision, all long hair and long printed fabrics. You naturally attempt to put her in a box (because that's what fashion magazines have always taught us to do) but try and try and you quickly realize it's impossible. Neat little style categories simply don't work on her. The conversation with yourself will go something like this: Is she boho? Yes, but no wait, she's kind of edgy, too. Actually no, she's all rock-n-roll. But also boho...well, you get the idea. We couldn't figure it out either and knew we had to go straight to the source. When asked, she describes her style as "always on vacation"—and it suddenly made perfect sense. After all, what's a better style box to be in than one that has lounge chairs and margaritas?


Name? Age? Pandora Amoratis, 40 years old.

Where do you live? Where did you grow up? Did that affect your style? I grew up in Fair Lawn, NJ and now I live in Red Hook, in Brooklyn, NY. I actually don't think either of those places influence my style—I've always loved getting dressed and even at a young age did my own thing as far as that goes.

Where do you work and what do you do? I'm the U.S. Style Director at the Daily Mail.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.08.05 PM.png

How does your job affect your style? It affects my bank account lol! Being exposed to so many designers and high-end brands on a daily basis makes it hard to not want to buy everything. I do love high-street shopping, and I get a major thrill out of garage sales and vintage rummaging, but I have an affinity for the finer things, too.

Do you have a work-week uniform? I would say 2-3 days a week I rely on a one-and-done piece like a dress or jumpsuit, always paired with stiletto heels. Second to that is wearing all black!

What do you typically wear on the weekends? On Saturdays I'm wearing some form of ripped denim (either baggy boyfriend jeans or cutoff shorts), paired with a vintage band tee, and a pair of slides—when it's cold I top that with either a furry coat or a leather jacket. I like to go to my favorite bread shop, have a cup of coffee, eat an egg sandwich, and read the paper. Then after that I'll either attempt going to the gym or I'll run errands and allow myself to get distracted by the boutiques in my neighborhood.

What is your best fashion or styling hack? I'm very petite so I often shop in the little boys' section of stores—and actually anyone that's a size 0-4 can do this, too! It's cheaper and the way they cut the clothes for boys make for cool silhouettes on us gals.

Is there an item you wear that gets you compliments no matter how many times you wear it? My vintage orange fox fur coat. I think people are drawn to it because it's bold, but not in an intimidating way. And the fact that I've been complimented on it so many times, now makes me walk a little taller when I wear it.

Where is your favorite place to shop? I love shopping at Forever21 because everything feels like it's free—I barely even look at the price tags! There's also a store in the East Village that I love called Elliot Mann. I adore clothing and accessories that would be worn on vacation and the entire store is basically just that. The one thing I don't like is online shopping. For me shopping in person is a fun, therapeutic hobby.

Image c/o  Elliot Mann

Image c/o Elliot Mann

What's the last thing you purchased for yourself? A backpack in the Tulum airport from a brand called Prison Art. It was literally made by people in prison and a part of the label's proceeds go back to the families of the inmates. The bag is a buttery soft tan leather and the front flap features a skull, flowers, doves...all graphics that are tattooed onto the bag. Tattooed!

Where do you get style inspiration? It sounds so cliche to say I get inspiration from everywhere but it's true. In particular the women featured on the Instagram feed @advancedstyle. There's something so inspiring about older women that are dressed head-to-toe perfect in their own unique way without giving AF. I also love the way my friend Joiee Thorpe dresses. She literally stops traffic—on more than one occasion, without realizing it was her, I saw her walking down the street and squealed to myself "OMG who is that girl?!" only to look up and realize it was Joiee. She's a vision.

What's the best style advice you've ever been given? If something looks weird or complicated on the hanger, it's probably spectacular.

Do you have any tips for the "I-have-nothing-to-wear" mornings? I have those mornings all the time! I'd say, fill your closet with great dresses. A dress is pretty much an entire outfit and doesn't need a lot of thought.

What's your signature look? Overall I would say my look is sexy mixed with some bohemian flair, and I love looking like I'm on vacation. I'm OBSESSED with the brand Camilla and I think that's what my friends would associate with me the most. Camilla and heels. I'm almost always in heels.

We all know beauty goes hand in hand with fashion...what is your no-fail 5-minute beauty routine? When I'm rushing out the door my morning routine is pretty pathetic—we're talking putting my makeup on while on the subway! But in general I start by washing my face with Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser. Then I splash on a SK-II anti-aging serum and moisturizer. I then add three drops of Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Anti Age Serum into my face lotion for a sun-kissed glow.

Want more from Pandora? Check out her Instagram feed here.

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