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Style Voices: Joiee Thorpe

Style Voices: Joiee Thorpe

With firsthand access to all of the newest trends and hottest styles, you can bet that Joiee Thorpe is always on her A game. Holding the title of Fashion Editor at Essence magazine, her style can be described as badass New Yorker meets sexy bombshell meets quirky Man Repeller, all rolled up into one gorgeous package. This Brooklyn native not only has her own online video series, but she's got serious styling chops, too—she has worked with the likes of Gabrielle Union, Jillian Hervey, and Oprah...yup, we said Oprah. Somehow amidst her busy schedule, we got lucky enough to sit her down to get the inside scoop on her favorite places to shop, and what trends she's most excited about for spring. Trust us, you'll want to take notes.

Name? Joiee Thorpe

Where do you live and where did you grow up? I grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and I just recently moved back. I love Brooklyn️ and enjoy a break from the city, even if it's only 5 train stops away.

Where do you work and what do you do? I am the Fashion Editor at Essence magazine. A typical day for me would be either going on market appointments at brand showrooms to look at collections a season ahead, or being on set styling our fashion pages and covers. My favorite part of the job is shooting my video style series, Style Goals with Joiee Thorpe, and styling our fashion shoots. 

How does your work affect your style? I would say work plays a big part in my style choices because editors get to see the new trends first, before anyone else. So I'm often getting inspired by major trends before they trickle into the mainstream.

Is there an item you wear that gets you compliments no matter how many times you wear it? Why do you think that is? Yes! I have this long flow-y, backless dress I wear every summer—actually I have it in both yellow and teal. It's the only dress I have in two colors, and whenever I wear either of them I get compliments from women and men of all ages. I think it's because the silhouette is sexy and the colors pops off my complexion.

Where is your favorite place to shop? I'm spoiled because since I work in the industry I have access to sample sales from all of my favorite brands—that's where I find most of my luxe investment purchases. But of course I love popping into Zara and Aritzia.

What online shop do you check out all the time? Lately I have been all about because it's super trendy and affordable. I know some trends last only 5 minutes and I don't want to spend a ton of money on something I won't want to wear in a few months.

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Where do you get style inspiration? Do you have a style role model or a website/feed you rely on for ideas? My mom is my style role model—she has always loved clothing and looking great but she was especially killer when she was younger.  I'm on and Net-a-Porter a ton, both are great sources of inspiration. Also, I often find myself twinning with my best friend, Pandora Amoratis, the Style Director at Daily Mail (and Style Voices alum!)—I have loved her style from the moment we first met. She's my muse, ha!

What trend are you most looking forward to trying come spring? I love all of the reworked shirts out there, which go really well with my fave pair of Levi's. They're new twists on the classic button-down shirt and they're the type of tops that make my I-have-nothing-to-wear days easy.

We all know beauty goes hand in hand with fashion…what beauty products can you not live without?  I always use Clinique Stay-Matte foundation, Chanel blush, and Aerin Rose de Grasse perfume.

What’s your quick fix for a bad hair day? An easy black hat.

BONUS! Check out Joiee's latest episode of Style Goals right here:

Want more from Joiee? Follow her on Instagram @the_joiee and head to to check out more of her style videos. You can also see her work at

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